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Become a Thought Leader and Host your own podcast today
Why choose us?
We provide a turnkey system- all you need to do is talk about the topics that you know well.

  • Step 1: You are passionate about your industry and have ideas and expertise to share.
  • Step 2: You sign up to host your own podcast!
  • Step 3: We will send you a comprehensive packet including:
    • a high tech Snowball Microphone with easy install to your personal computer
    • Podcast best practices and coaching information
    • Simple and clear instructions for an easy recording process
  • Step 4: You have a phone interview with your producer to to finalize all processes and answer any questions
  • Step 5: You record your own podcast from the comfort of your home
  • Step 6: We edit and produce your podcast and provide all necessary logos and artwork.
  • Step 7: We distribute your podcast to all major carriers.
  • Step 8: You have your own show!